Thank You For Visiting Our Site

First off, thanks for taking the time to visit our website, and read what we have to say.

With so many other ob/gyns to choose from, why Dr. Donn? That’s a fair question and deserves an honest answer: because she is singularly devoted to your health and that of your unborn child.

I’m her business manager. I have repeatedly asked Dr. Donn, “Why not learn plastic surgery techniques? The payments are much greater than ob/gyn, and are cash, not insurances.”
She refuses to do so saying she enjoys what she does: women’s health, GYN surgery, and deliveries. I think that speaks volumes about who she is.

Continuing with being honest: we rent our office. Yes, it’s by no means the “snazziest” office. But ask yourself, do you want new furniture or a caring, experienced doctor whose sole focus is to look after you and your baby?

I hope this helps you make a decision in an era where everyone is screaming “we’re the best” to whoever will listen.

Dr. Donn is not for everyone. If you are overweight and it presents a hazard for you and your unborn baby, she will tell you. Many don’t like hearing this. But it goes back to her singular focus on health and not the “niceities.”

Lastly, please know that Dr. Donn, and all ob’s in this country, get paid the same by insurance companies whether you have a natural delivery or “C-Section.” The decision is solely dependent on what is best for each patient.

Thank you,

Mike Donn
Business Manager/Husband