(HSG) is an X-ray test that looks at the inside of the uterus and fallopian tubes.  It often is done for women who are having a hard time becoming pregnant.

Genital Removal

Vaginal hysterectomy is removal of the cervix and uterus through the vagina and does not require any abdominal incisions. This procedure can be done at Dr. Donn’s office.

Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptives prevent unwanted pregnancy, and regulate menstrual cycles.  Dr. Donn will help you choose what’s best suited for your body after a consultation.


We offer pelvic and trans-vaginal sonograms. Each sonogram during your pregnancy brings you closer to your unborn baby. This is offered exclusively for our obstetrical patients by Dr. Donn, as a keepsake.

Lupron Injection

Dr. Donn’s office handles lupron injections, used for treating prostate cancer, endometriosis, central precocious puberty (early onset of puberty), and fibroids. The injection is similar to GnRH.

Endometrial Ablation

This procedure that destroys the endometrium, or uterine lining. It is used to treat dysfunctional or abnormal uterine bleeding.  Sometimes a lighted viewing instrument used to see inside the uterus.

Uterine Fibroids Treatment

Dr. Donn offers a variety of services including treatment of uterine fibroids using lupron, myomectomies, and hysterectomies. These are are benign growths of the muscle inside the uterus.


Dr. Donn offers treatment for endometriosis, which is very common and may not produce symptoms, or lead to painful menstruation.  The presence of tissue that normally grows inside the uterus.

STD Screening

The organisms that cause sexually transmitted diseases may pass from person to person in blood, semen, or vaginal and other bodily fluids.  Dr. Donn’s office tests and offers treatment for STDs.


Dr. Donn offers in-office hysterectomy, the surgical removal of the uterus. In a total hysterectomy, the uterus and cervix are removed.  Dr. Donn will determine if this procedure is right for you based on several factors.


This procedure is used to diagnose certain areas of the body and determine abnormalities and is used to identify cancer or HPV.  Please consult Dr. Donn with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your condition.

Vaginal & Cervical Cyst

Sometimes cysts occur in the vagina or cervix.  Surgery may be needed if the cyst is causing symptoms. Dr. Donn will recommend the most effective treatment option for your individual condition.

Vaginal Pessary Placement

Dr. Donn will determine if this for you.  A pessary is used for incontinence, and is inserted into your vagina to support and lessen the stress on your bladder.

Treatment of Abdominal Bleeding

Also known as gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and includes all forms of bleeding in the gastrointestinal tract, from the mouth to the rectum.  Dr. Donn treats patients this ailment.

IUD Insertion & Removal

The IUD is inserted into your uterus by your doctor. A plastic string tied to the end of the IUD hangs down through the cervix into the vagina. 

Tuba Ligation

Tuba ligation, aka “tying the tubes” is done so that a woman who has this surgery can no longer get pregnant. Dr. Donn’s office offers many services, including tubal ligation. Call us today for more info.

Pap Smear

Cervical screening used to detect potentially pre-cancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix. Here at Dr. Donn, we treat and manage abnormal pap smears, diagnose and treat related problems.

LEEP Surgery

Dr. Donn conducts this surgical procedure, used in certain situations to treat abnormal cells of the cervix. An electric current is used to remove a sample of the cervix containing the area of abnormality.

Implanon Insertion & Removal

Implanon is a small, thin, hormonal contraceptive that is implanted under the skin and effective for up to three years. Dr. Donn will insert this device for you in-office, and remove it at the correct time.

Menopause Help

Menopause occurs 12 months after your last period, and is the end of menstrual cycles and fertility. It is a natural biological process, Dr. Donn specializes in this by guiding women through this transition.

Polyp Removal

Polyps are abnormal growths of tissue.  Sometimes they require removal, in which a patient is either lightly or fully sedated.  Dr. Donn will remove any polyps with special scissors, a laser, or another device.

From Dr.Donn

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my website, and reading a little bit about me. I’m a solo practitioner, originally from India, and have been in the US for over twenty-five years. I am Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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